30 ways to segment email list

Email marketing has always been one of the most effective and cost-efficient digital marketing channels. Said that most marketers are not able to utilize this channel to its full potential. The most common reason for that is not being able to create the right segmentations which could help launch better-targeted email campaigns, in turn, increasing the conversion rate. In this article, we’ll cover 30 ways to segment an email list to boost your email marketing efforts.

There are 3 primary ways you can segment the email list:

  • Demographic segmentation – divides customers into age groups, genders, or income levels.
  • Psychographic segmentation – divides customers into personality types or lifestyles.
  • Behavioral segmentation – based on purchase history, abandoned carts, etc.

Demographic segmentation

  1. Age groups – 18-21, 22-28, 28-35, etc.
  2. Education level
  3. Family size
  4. Gender
  5. Geolocation – Zip code, State, Country
  6. Income level
  7. Industry
  8. Job Function/Job Title
  9. Organization type
  10. Seniority level
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Psychographic segmentation

  1. Buying frequency
  2. Change in customer engagement level
  3. Content format – blog, newsletter, eBook, etc.
  4. Content-type – a customer pain point
  5. Customer satisfaction index (CSAT)
  6. Customers who have not referred
  7. Customers who refer – loyal customers
  8. Interest level
  9. Offline vs Online customers
  10. Past purchases
  11. Purchase cycle
  12. Purchase interests
  13. Stage in the sales funnel

Behavioral segmentation

  1. Application usage
  2. Call-to-Action (CTA) engagement
  3. Demo/Free trail activities
  4. Form abandonment
  5. Shopping cart abandonment
  6. Webcast or event attendance
  7. Website engagements – pageview, link clicks, video views, etc.

Data-driven segmentation not only helps you create more targeted email lists but also enables you to perform better Split tests to improve your email marketing. For more in-depth insights on how to strategize and launch your first email marketing campaign, read my article on the complete guide to email marketing.

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